Nick Kohlschreiber is an innovative entrepreneur and an expert in modern marketing

The owner of a media company based in Newport Beach, Kohlschreiber oversees hundreds of employees managing thousands of client accounts each day, developing creative marketing solutions that allow for the organic proliferation of new businesses.

Originally from New Jersey, Nick Kohlschreiber was raised in Florida and in 2004 moved to his current locale of Southern California. In 2006, he began attending UCLA, where he studied business administration and management with a specialization in business economics. During his time at UCLA, Kohlschreiber participated in the lauded Martin Paul Executive Research Program, discovering logical processes and perspectives of modern business with initiative for creative integration. During the three-year mentorship program, he gained invaluable knowledge of the practical processes of developing a business, including the financial, legal and political systems.

Kohlschreiber went on to found his first successful company in the solar energy sector. Through his experience in driving traffic via Internet, Nick’s marketing tactics allowed him to tap into the solar energy where he was able to sell his business at a multiple of 10 times, in large part due to him acquiring his own certifications and tariffs. Since 2010, the company has developed into various larger businesses that he continues to manage today. These early successes have quickly earned Kohlschreiber the respect of business marvels, who recognized the ingenuity and necessity of his proprietary ventures.

An enthusiast for originality, Nick Kohlschreiber believes there is always room for innovation and urges employees and clients alike to “Think Big, Go Far.” By studying and questioning the current conceptions surrounding business communication infrastructure, he was able to discover the new shape of shifting interfaces, and in turn media, that moves economic platforms faster. Utilizing this knowledge, Kohlschreiber’s career has come to encompass the complete management of new businesses and the projects that reside within them. In this generation of familiarity, he believes that quality of service has exceeded merely providing resources and tools for employees and clients, to include creating and strengthening personal relationships that connect many. From simple document preparation to a complete, online multimedia driven business development strategy, Kohlschreiber and his employees strive to further the connections to the modern communication platforms that run our society. To date, Kohlschreiber’s skills have united tens of thousands of people.