Nick Kohlschreiber – IT Entrepreneur Promotes Proprietary Social Media Monetization Tool

The plan builds brand awareness to optimize lifetime consumer revenue, with personalized teams constructing plans for each client to achieve their goals and guarantee continued success. Never divulging any proprietary information, Kohlschreiber noted that his company gets the basics right first by creating an engaged following of robust size across multiple platforms to learn from and market to. Following this step, strategic content and media plans effectively spread promotions, advertise products, and attract the followers to online stores. Along with advanced metrics to track monetization efforts at every step, the team is able to see which outlets and what consumers will provide the best return on investment for their clients. Here lies the company’s success. The advanced analytic technology offered by Kohlschreiber’s team allows for businesses to create an authentic online customer base, leverage that audience, and then drive them to the desired product or service.
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